Vaha is an oasis, a place to rejuvinate and a respite from the hectic of everyday sports. Athletes have to be at their peak at any given point of time in a game, a race, a contest – but peak performances need time and space. Time and space for the three IONs: Regeneration, Concentration and Organization.

The hectic stress that goes into the preparation for a sporting event, from the organisation to the practices, can be poison. Vaha is the antidote.

Vaha is an interdisciplinary network for athletes, officials and organizations. We develop communication, marketing and career models. We plan and supervise not only sporting events, but any ancillary activities.

We provide our expertise in issues ranging from legal and accounting to the psychological and pedagogical. Our strength lies within the diversity of our professions. Success in sports is a question of attitude. We are in the business of creating this attitude. Personalities and feelings are our focus. There are no standard packages in dealing with people and athletic goals. We take the time to advise and support you individually with tailor made solutions.

 Vaha is Turkish and means oasis.