Communication is exchange. But who ensures that what is exchanged arrives as it was meant? Political scientist and communications theorist Harold Dwight Lasswell formulated this problem as follows:

Who (says) What (to) Whom (in) What Channel (with) What Effect?

Differences can mean communication problems. Meanings can get lost between the young and old, between different cultures. A common example can be seen when people shake their heads from left to right – something that signifies “no” in the West, it symbolizes approval in other parts of the world.

Vaha helps people overcome their differences and communicate better.

We love communication and we love to talk, but for us, listening is just as fun – and as important. We passionately combine old and new media – and of course throw in our strong experience in the fields of sports, law and education together with our marketing and communication skills. Creativity is the result of this synergy – and the motor driving our services.