Vaha was started by attorney Vincent Aydin and pedagogue Harald “Hacky” Aumeier. The professional intersections from this cooperation have led to the development of an interdisciplinary team. Vaha is a start-up that thrives on teamwork. Togetherness and cooperation is what develops and positions Vaha.


Harald “Hacky” Aumeier


Aydin (5)Vincent Aydin


ayhanAyhan Erusta, Former Soccer Player, Sports Advisor

MuratMurat Doğan – Former Soccer Player, Soccer Teacher

fatihFatih Aslan – Former Soccer Player, Accountant

firat-229x300Fırat Kekevi – Film Director


Johann Schiesser – Economics and communications specialist


Harold Haftsadi Salazar – Lawyer, language and cultural scientist


Çetin Kiymet – Business Development Manager