Sport is everything. Sport is everywhere. It is our driving force, our reward and our path to the goal. Be it for the old woman walking up the hill with her cane to the supermarket, the office manager who de-stresses in the swimming lane, the children playing catch in the backyard or the young footballer putting in overtime after the team practice to get a little closer to his goal.

 We all love sports

Everybody does sports. We are constantly on the move. We are always in sport. Fans around the world are eager to hear the latest. Around the table, on the soccer field, on the road or on the bus to the airport, we discuss, write about, photograph and film the sports arenas, the craziest records, the impressive performances, the romantic moments, the connection.

At Vaha, we combine our love of the sport with our interdisciplinary experience. Professional and amateur sports both are in our hearts.